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Friday, November 9, 2007

Thinking Back Looking Down.

I attended undergrad in a small state school in the south. When I entered the Art program against my parents best wishes I then entered into a very bumpy 4 year ride/walk/run/crawl. The Art Education program really didn't exist. The retired professor was replaced. He and I butted heads.. a lot. I was happy to leave and didn't ask him for a reference when I left.
Yippee- off to grad school.Graduate school was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I maybe had too much fun. I recommend it to any one. The professors were so accomplished and passionate and cutting edge. I was involved in a progressive Art community and making a lot of art. I taught art classes to homeless kids with my counterpart to this blog.But all good things must come to an end.After getting my MA I moved back to the South to get a job.My fiance at the time had a year left in law school.Luckily for me- a near by county created mandatory planning time for all their faculty! This meant full time art and music teachers in every elementary school. So I was hired.Everyone tells you that your first year teaching is really hard.. and it really is. It is so hard. My kids were so poor and their parents didn't care anything about art. But it was a crucial experience for me as a teacher. I liked feeling like their fine arts savior.... A bridge to cultural enlightenment... even if I wasn't.


Van Go Here said...
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Van Go Here said...

great post,nice toe pic! i'll get mine up too. it won't be as good as the toes though but something nonetheless :)